A 3D Puzzle Platformer

In the magical and colorful kingdom of Orbalia, finding more Mojo can mean the difference between life and death!

Four brave little Orbals have taken on the mission of defeating the tyrant Dragon King. They must roll and smash their way to escape from 100 tricky levels unlocking their greatest abilities along the way. Only by working together will they be able to solve all the puzzles and save Orbalia!

  • Easy and fun to play!
  • Unlock and level up your team with Orbals!
  • Crash and Splash your way through colorful worlds full of adventure
  • Unlock and upgrade your characters for more power and higher flights
  • Team the Orbals in different ways to defeat the Dragon King
  • Dynamic cheerful music changes during gameplay
  • Speed-run each level to see where you rank on leaderboards
  • Dash, Smash and Fly your way to record scores and victory!

The Fox

The fox can boost, giving you a burst of speed

The Bull

The bull is a bit tougher and can put his horns to good use, smashing things in his path

The Chicken

The chicken can fly for a short while, which comes in really handy

The Dragon

The dragon is hard to get, but has all the abilities of the others!

Available Now

for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam!

Explore 3 Different Worlds!

The Desert

The Jungle

The Skyworld